Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Williamstown

This flooded basement was the result of major flooding in the area. SERVPRO of Berlin/Williamstown were on the move to assist with the storm damage. Our crew wa... READ MORE

Winter Storm and Bursting Pipes

Winter storms can come with snow, ice, freezing rain, and terrible cold temperatures. These conditions can cause a lot of damage to a properties. The pipes in t... READ MORE

Storm Damage Livingroom

This homeowner had some storm damage in their living room which had to have a demo performed, along with extraction, mitigation, and a cut up on her drywall. Dr... READ MORE

Storm Caused Water Damage

Storms cause water damage for many families. Many rainstorms in our area make our community members susceptible to flooding, foundations issues, sewage issues, ... READ MORE

Heavy Rainfall Damage

Heavy rainfall is notorious for creating flooding and chaos for Berlin residents. These homeowners had water damage throughout their basement. Carpet and paddin... READ MORE

Flooding Basement Room

Storms in our area sometimes come with a high amount of rainfall that typically end up flooding basements in many residents. This local family experienced flood... READ MORE

Leaking Pipe Can Create Mold

The leak in the overhead pipe had been going on for some time before the homeowners knew there was a big problem. But in the middle of the night the pipe broke ... READ MORE

Mold in Your House

Whenever there is mold in your home you probably have water damage too. Mold is considered a secondary damage; the insurance sees mold as a secondary problem to... READ MORE

Should I Worry About Mold?

If you see visible mold in your home you should get it cleaned right away. Even the smallest colony of mold can create thousands of spores which spread througho... READ MORE

Water Damage in Commercial Building

Water damage affected the walls and ceiling as well as the carpeting when a primary water line burst at this hotel. Hotel management and the insurance adjuster ... READ MORE