Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Containment set up in home

Mold Removal Certification

The industry's certifying organization, The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification—conducts a mold certification exam to verify that a technician-candidate fully meets state licensing requirements. For a firm to be certified by the IICRC, it must employ one or more certified mold removal technicians at each of their locations.

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EMS Week

West Atlantic City Fire Department is helping us celebrate EMS Week! This is a Celebration to highlight our nation's EMS practitioners. Thank you for all that you do! Our team is so thankful that we were able to take part in keeping you safe. 

Over 50 Years SERVPRO is a TRUSTED Company

This amazing old time photo shows the simplify of life and where SERVPRO began. We are proud to be a part of an industry that is trusted and dedicated to helping others. 

Think of us next time your home need restorations services. 

Our Team is Always Ready

Our SERVPRO of Berlin/Williamstown team is ready for any questions you may have about your remediation. They are hard at work ensuring all your paperwork is being properly handled and uploaded. They also ensure communication is clear between all team members working on your property. 

Fireman Convention

SERVPRO of Berlin / Williamstown ensures they are involved with the community. This photo was taken at New Jersey's Annual Fireman Convention. These conventions are great to establish connection with local firewalls who work first hand with all fires.  

When Our Company First Started

We have been in business since 2003. Jim Gibbs started at a small location with just a few employees and now has grown into two franchises with a great team of employees. SERVPRO of Berlin/Williamstown cares about helping others in distress over water and fire damage

Why SERVPRO of Berlin/Williamstown

Mold growth is about identifying the source of the growth, if you have moisture entering a space and don't correct it you will still have mold growth. A professional restoration company will use a variety of techniques to determine where the moisture is coming from. SERVPRO of Berlin/Williamstown also uses different types of moisture meters to measure content in different materials. A restoration company that combines good safety habits along with keeping current on mold remediation should be able to help keep the area from being affected as long as the source of moisture has been properly identified and cared for.

Who Wants to CLEAN UP This?

SERVPRO of Berlin/Williamstown is trained and equipped to handle Bio-Hazards. This mess is not safe for just anyone to take care of. Sewage back up is filled with many dangerous pathogens that can make a person sick. Leave the JOB to professionals.

Back up

Cleanup Crew for You

We're Here to Help

This is an after photo of a sewage back up explosion. Biohazard cleanup is no easy job and only trained professional that have the proper gear should handle it. SERVPRO of  Berlin/Williamstown has the proper equipment and techniques in dealing with this type of mess.